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Friday, 4 May 2007

A poor excuse for drinking - better than none!

Campbell: 'I'm allergic to alcohol' - Digital Spy:

This must be a day for dumbduck celebrities to make amends - not quite apologies mind. Alan Jones claim to be 'sincere' [see below] and now a supermodel who's renowned for her tantrums when imbibing too much of the happy juice (in liquid and powder form) says it's her 'allergies'.
Take a bow, Naomi Campbell.

"According to BreakingNews.ie, Campbell has decided to give up drinking. She explained: 'I choose not to drink today in my life because I find that I'm allergic to alcohol. I'm not someone that's in denial of my problems and I'm not going to lie about my problems and I'm not hiding my problems."

Denial? Naomi, you're positively gushing! She hasn't been in the news much since she finished her uber-fashionable gig as a cleaning lady - to atone for previous sins.

This is a blog about journalism and alcohol, but I've never stooped so low as to blame my love of martinis on a medical condition. Though I have been known to have one or two for purely 'medicinal' purposes.
In fact, I'm going to buy a bottle of reasonable gin and some olives on the way home. I've had a tough week here in the blogosphere, spent most of it at home in mi sick bed.
Now's the time to live a little, before the allergies kick in.


Anne-Marie said...

Medicinal martinis, eh? I'm sure some one could write a Tui billboard about that. :-)

I'm no fan of martinis, but I do very much enjoy your blog. Journalism and ethics - yum.

Hope your "medicine" is making you feel better.

(a journalist in the sticks)

Marty said...

Thanks Eugenie, I actually had several of Iwan's icy cold six olive concoctions at the Brooky yesterday evening, in the delightful company of two postgrad students.
Certainly gave me a brief lift and I slept like a baby last night.