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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Freeview gives me a chill

New Zealand has got a new free-to-air digital television service, Freeview, so what.
Really it is no more than what's currently available, at least for now. The set top box that makes it available will cost around $300, why would you bother, just to get the same four channels that a standard UHF aerial gets you now.
Some commentators reckon it will eat into the monopoly currently enjoyed by Sky TV, but I can't see it. Sky has 'Girls of the Playboy Manson' and 'Naked Wild On', not to mention the rugby, the rugby league and thousands of other sport 'exclusives'.
What's the strategy for TVNZ and TV 3 getting together wih a couple of other small players?
Well, to really enjoy the benefits of the digital service we'll all eventually have to buy a TV with widescreen. Some time in the future (say 5-10 years) the analogue service will be switched off. So don't buy a new TV, get outside and play with the dog, better for your physical and mental health.

I've had the flu, just getting better, so that's it for now. A small rise from the sickbed to have a little whinge.
Back with more soon.

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