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Friday, 4 May 2007

The Myspace President

Obama in website battle with blogger

Well at least the phony American presidential election campaign period promises to be interesting. Last week I mentioned how Republican candidate John McCain had become a reluctant download star on the YouTube website. Now it seems that Democratic hopeful Barak Obama has got himself into a fight with a former fan.
Joe Anthony had set up a 'tribute' page for Barak on MySpace, but now the candidate has wrestled control away, with the help of the MySpace spat-sorters.
Mr Anthony was demanding tens of millions of dollars to hand over the site, but Barak's team got it for free.
Nice one Mr Presidential-hopeful. You need the votes of the young and black Americans who hate George Bush, but you can't keep your hands of the kids' toys. Shame on you. A bit of trust would be a useful character trait for a controversial candidate. Now you just look like a suit from Sony.
Seriously though, if the US presidential campaign was based on popularity, in the same way as MySpace page rankings, some 12-year-old from Butte, Montana would be the perfect choice. She couldn't do a worse job than the incumbent and the candidates are all looking greedy and ungrateful, just like in every other presidential election since... When? Well, way before the Vietnam war anyway.
Who was the last American president who wasn't a rich, white and almost-dead male? Yep, tough question.

Ok, ok, I know you want to check out Barak's pages. Just how cool can this guy get, click through here to find out.

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