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Monday, 27 August 2007

Social Media: Social media, citizen media, grassroots media

Social networks are generating new media content too. This list compiled by the Social Media blog team shows an interesting mix of new media labels for what is essentially do-it-yourself reporting. I'm not sure if it's journalism, but part of the task in the new book I'm writing is to actually work out where DIY fits in the broader scheme of what's happening to journalism as a "trade", "craft", or "profession".

Social Media: Social media, citizen media, grassroots media:

"Social media: 8,060,000 English pages
User-generated content: 2,360,000
Independent media: 1,790,000
Our media: 1,600,000 (though many of these refer to critiques of our traditional media)
Citizen media: 696,000
User-created content: 288,000
Participatory media: 213,000
Grassroots media: 171,000
Citizens media: 117,000"

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