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Monday, 2 July 2007

Packer wanted to 'bone' son

Packer wanted to 'bone' son | The Courier-Mail

This is actually quite funny. A new book by former Channel Nine staffers makes some explosive claims about how the place is managed. In this excerpt, the late patriarch, Kerry Packer, is talking about his Scientologist son, James:

We need to keep James and (PBL executive John) Alexander out of the place. They're going to f--k the joint," Mr Packer is alleged to have said.
I'm sure this book, , will do well, but the publisher, Pan MacMillan has taken a softly-softly approach to the launch:

Despite an unprecedented 100,000 copy print run, the book was released without fanfare in a huge overnight operation to plant it in stores yesterday without warning.

The publishing house had been legally advised to have a soft launch, Pan Macmillan publisher Tom Gilliatt said.

"For legal reasons we've released the book without the normal pre-publicity," he said.

I can't wait to read it!

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