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Friday, 6 July 2007

Columbia Journalism Review - worth reading

I thought that some of you may not be aware of this excellent online journal, Columbia Journalism Review. The latest issue looks great. Check it out and consider subscribing (free).

Dear reader,
Greetings from Columbia Journalism Review.
Our July issue is in the mail, with many articles that we hope you find significant and interesting. For example:
Cover Story: Prisoner 345
Rachel Morris explores Gitmo and the case of the only journalist imprisoned there. What happened to Sami al Haj
Damage Report
Craig Flournoy and Tracy Everbach find that most of the journalists who left The Dallas Morning News landed on their feet. Those who stayed are not so sure
Bending to Power
Bruce Page traces the sorry history of News Corp. (Web Only)
Julia Klein spots pigs with wings at The Philadelphia Inquirer
The editors tell the fable of the scorpion and The Wall Street Journal
Stephen Totilo finds real journalism in the unreal world of Second Life
Jim Wooten remembers his friend David Halberstam
Douglas McCollam X-rays Norman Pearlstine’s Off the Record
Anthony Marro sheds light on Robert Novak’s Prince of Darkness
Gloria Cooper says goodbye to Darts & Laurels
And much more. We hope you enjoy it.
To SUBSCRIBE, to give CJR as a GIFT, or to check STUDENT RATES, go to www.cjr.org/subscriptions.

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