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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Drink made a liar of me, again

After deciding to go home and nurse my cold with paracetamol, I got waylaid (of my own volition) and went back to the Brooklyn Bar. Wayne, Gillian, Katherine and Helen were there. I was going to have one martini, it turned into several and then dinner at Tanuki's Cave. What fun.
I met Alex and Yvonne at the Brooky, I noticed they were drinking martinis too. I'd never seen that before in this bar, so I had to interview them for Ethical Martini.
Yvonne said that the first martini they were served was a) not cold enough and b) had way too much vermouth in it. But their disappointment turned to joy when Shaun offered to remake them.
Apparently the second round was much better.
Yvonne was drinking vodka martinis made on Absolut. She said that her view of "dry" is the same as Winston Churchill's: "take the top of the vermouth bottle and bow in the direction of France."
Yvonne was very pleased with the service in the Brooklyn Bar, so am I. The voluble and expressive Ms Sissons dropped two martinis with her waving elbows, right into my lap and Wayne's. Not only did Shaun clean it up, he made two fresh drinks. That's dedication to bar tendering. Thanks, mate.

Getting back to "dry", I can't really see the point of not putting a liberal amount of vermouth into a martini. Afterall, if you want to drink gin or vodka with an olive chaser, do that, just don't call it a martini.

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